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We pay Sellers for Listings

Inventory shortage left many Realtors with an abundance of Buyer clients and no property to sell them. With over 21 years expirence I knew that I needed to change how I did business. It is challenging to have to  compete against all of  you 44,000 Licensed Realtors here in Colorado and your Nationally Franchised Firm's deep pocketed budgets. I am getting crushed by $120,000 monthly internet budgets & can't compete. Go check out as that cost $17,000 and two years of my life in frustration. They can't even spell Colorado and I want to sell real estate not build websites. I built this site for $120 spent so far and over a few hours time. 

Sellers get full service listing for half price!

These are called Variable Rate Commission Listings. I offer the seller a discounted rate for the first 2 months of the listing contract, so we can try to earn the 2.8% within that 2 months time. In an inventory short market I think I can find buyers. When we do succeed then expect a move to delegate the business and control more market share while using Zillow and the current MLS systems to undo these institutions while we try to return the control back to the Realtors. I dream I could sign up every Realtor in the state (someday the Nation?) to regain control, for the Realtors who brokers allowed this to happen by being greedy and self centered without foresight or any leadership skills ... 

12,000 Realtors needed

As the founder and leader of this movement I can only say I want the "MLS BOOK" back. Realtors sharing with Zillow & (many many others) to purchase back what they gave them for free is so not smart. Neither is an MLS that allows less than 2.8% paid to buyers agents! Smart is to have 12000 Realtors (roughly half the 20,926  active licensed agents in the state) all sign up under one common idea. Let me build a new platform for Realtors to "share" contracted intellectual data (aka listings & commission agreements and mandated rules to join ) and give the public a great reason to do business with you.

Until 2nd quarter 2018 we are unable to offer Agents anything as far as hanging your license here. BUT  we do need help and lots of it! There are many "licensed assistant to broker" positions currently available. We are also seeking part time unlicensed 1099 sub contractors  (great job for single moms with only a few hours a day to offer us) Sign up below if you like what we are trying to do.


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